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5 Basic Makeup Mistakes Which Make You Look Older

In our everyday quest to look good, we just rush through the entire process of makeup, because who’s got the time? But you see, makeup tricks we’re using in our everyday routine may not be right! Some of those tricks you happen to love SO much might just make you look older! And it’s a harsh reality, but you may look good as your natural self, but , makeup can make you look even better! If you follow the right makeup regimen, the it can make you look fresher, brighter and younger instantly! Which is why, we’ve compiled a list of the most common makeup mistakes you make which make you look older.


1. The Concealer

If the application of the mascara is too light or dark, it  instantly makes you look older. The skin under the eyes is 7 times more sensitive than the rest of your face,which is why only an optimum amount is needed under the skin. Just a little touch and you’re good to go!



2. The Blush

Applying blush only on the apples of your cheek makes you look like a full fledged clown. So that is one mistake you should avoid. Also, stay as far away as you can from colours like extreme reds or brick reds. The secret is to blend the blush really well so one cannot make out where it stops and where it starts.



3. Shimmer Lipstick

It’s time to bust the biggest myth of the century! SHIMMER DOESN’T MAKE YOU LOOK YOUNGER. It does the exact opposite actually! But if you really want the shimmer so bad, then just put on a matte lipstick and add a little gloss to the center of your lips.



4. Contour

There’s a lot of blending to be done if you go the contour way. Because if you’re contouring, and don’t blend and mix well, the lines will stand out and that’s not really going to help your look. The key is to either blend the whole thing really well, or just skip it altogether.



5. The Lashes

You see, the regular day lash makeup should be such, that it makes the lashes look voluminous, yet separated.  If you’re using a lumpy mascara and liner, STOP RIGHT AWAY! It highlights your fine lines and makes you look older.


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