5 Hacks for that old pair of jeans you just cannot give up!

Come on, there’s nothing bad in admitting that we all have one favorite jeans among all our jeans and we just cannot seem to get enough of it. We’d wear it everyday, and would only give it for a wash on the weekends. It’s that one favorite jeans around which we plan all our outfits. For some its black, while for others its blue, but every body has one jeans they love to the core. But what happens when you grow out of it? Or when it fades and no longer fits you? Throw it away? Hell no! Don’t worry girlies, we’ve got you 6 hacks with the help of which you can renew your old jeans. Check em out-


1. Tighten Loose Jeans

The worst thing to happen to you is when your favorite jeans becomes loose. Well, in that case, grab an elastic strip the length of your back and sew it on the back side of your jeans. You’ll no long have to hassle with the hem of the jeans and tug on belts!



2. DIY Ripped Jeans

If you’re bored of wearing the same old jeans everyday, then grab a pair of scissors and get to work. Ripped jeans is one gorgeous trend and it’s here to stay, why not try out some for yourself? Here’s how you can rip your jeans at home.



3. DIY Distressed  Jeans

This is another trend people absolutely love these days. Its the epitome of urban cool and you can pair it with almost everything. Heck people even have distressed jeans saarees! Here’s how you can create your own distressed jeans-



4. Reinvent Shrunk Jeans

The saddest part of the whole jean-love thing is when they shrink and you no longer fit into them. Well, we have a cure for that too! Grab some lace and your favorite jeans and get sewing, and viola! You’re favorite jeans are back with a bang!



5. Loosen Tight Jeans

Another major problem arises when your favorite jeans becomes tight. Not only is it a severe blow to the heart, but is also a constant reminder that you’ve become coughFATcough… But we have a solution to that too!Just put on your jeans and sit in a tub full of warm water for few minutes. It’ll relax the threads and loosen them. Then take off your jeans, wash them in hot water once again and let them dry.


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