5 Killer Nail Hacks You SO Need To Know!!

There’s nothing like getting a manicure done. It’s extremely relaxing and fun, because come on, there’s nothing like getting yourselves all pampered and primped, right? And the best part, you get to choose from millions of colours to paint your nails. But that’s a once in a week (even months for some) experience when you go get your nails done. But if painting your nails comes as second nature to you just like it does to us, all you need to do is just sit back and relax, and give your nails the treat they  SO deserve. Check out these hacks-


1. Jus Chillin’

After you’ve painted your nails, dip them in a bowl of icy cool water. It dries them instantly, keeping you from doing that little dry-dance only to end up smudging your nail paint.





2. Straight lines? Yaas!

Scotch tape is a great tool for nail art at home. It’s a great help in creating those intricate patterns you so wanted to do. Paint a base coat and cut some pieces of tape into shapes of your choice. Once your base coat has dried up, put the tape on your nails and apply another color on your nails to get the desired pattern. Remove the tape carefully, and apply clear paint once the nails are all dried up.



3. Glow Like a Glow stick!

Now, you’d be kidding yourself if you insisted that you never wanted your nail paint to glow. Glow sticks have been a great fun, but now that we’re all grown up, who says the fun has to stop? Break a glow stick and put some powder into a bottle of clear paint and paint your nails and watch them glow!



4. Magical Cleaner!

Now, no matter how much we grow up, we’ll always end up coloring out of lines. For that, put some lotion on the edges of your nails so that even if some nail paint comes out of lines, you can wipe it off easily.





5. Sharpie all the way!

Now, we’ve all wanted intricate designs on our nails, but who’ll go the extra edge to get that? Not any more, Pull out a sharpie and draw to your hearts content!


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