5 Positions That Makes Girls Go Crazy!

People get really ridiculous with their experiments. No, like seriously! Although many of those experiments have become really successful, and have sorted our lives to a great extent. But some of these experiments make us wish we’d never seen them, for the sake of our sanity, of course!  So here’s the statuary warning: If you too are an adventurer at heart, this is something you should NOT TRY! We have compiled a list of ‘Sex Positions’ of sex maniacs who love to experiment. But boy, can they go terribly wrong! People who’ve tried this claim girls love these positions, but then again, try at your own risk!


1. Up Up And Away!

This is for those ardent fans of superhero movies. This position is the perfect position for people who love both oral sex and experimenting. The only difference being the splits. Quite the flexible position, isn’t it?



2. The Megahertz aka MHz

This is for those who’re extremely bored with their sex lives and have tried almost every other alternative. There’s an extremely fine line between experimenting and getting yourselves in danger. It’s a miracle if you can get in this position without having to rush to the hospital, let alone building the rhythm.



3. The Gateway To Heaven

Engineers call it ‘structurally unsound’ and the doctors have named it ‘irresponsible’, yet the heart wants what it wants… wait heart? Whatever! It looks real fun, but you might not be able to have a lot of sex while you’re at it!



4. The Distorted Cowgirl

This position is just like the cowgirl position, the only difference being the Chinese bend. If you have the flexibility to try this, then why not! But our chief concern is the sex part…



5. Data Hug

This is one weird position we bet you’ll wonder how to adjust yourselves into it! I mean come on… women can’t deal with it on both legs, how are they even going to balance themselves on one! But then again, the heart wants what it wants!


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