5 Ways Your Makeup Mistakes Make You Look Older!

The whole point of makeup is to make you look youthful and bright. And in the quest to achieve that, many makeup products like creams,facials, and procedures are there to our aid. But something as tiny as using a bad eye pencil can do blunders to your look. There are many mistakes that can make you look older than your age. Here is a list of some makeup mistakes you might be making that make you look older!

1. Lots of Shimmer

Not all that glitters is good. Excess of glitter and shimmer can make you look from another age all together.



2. Skipping out on the foundation!

It is the holy grail of makeup. It’s the very basic and skipping this can do terrible things to your makeup.



3. Finishing up with powder

Powders are good to set their makeup but it prevents your skin from reflecting light, making your face look duller and older.



4. Using the wrong concealer.

You need to pick just the right concealer for your face and can make you look instantly older.



5. Wrong cheek color = Sunken cheek

Coloring your cheek is great.It makes you look bright and youthful almost instantly. But choosing the wrong color can cause your cheek to sink in, making you look older.


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