Are You Drawing Your Waterline Correctly? Find Out Here!

Waterlines are the most neglected part of the eye makeup and there’s no doubting that. But what most people don’t understand, is that waterlines are almost as important as any other part of the eye during makeup. Doing your waterline the wrong way can not only spoil your makeup and your overall look, but can also cause severe eye infection. And because we don’t want that to happen to you, here’s a list of a few hacks that’ll get you through the correct way of drawing your waterline.

But for that, we first need to know what are waterlines.

Waterline is the skin right under your eye. Its extremely delicate and is almost always wet and just above the eyelashes.



1. Prep Your Waterline

The first step to drawing your waterline is to prep it well. Dab a cotton bud on your waterline to absorb the excess the extra water. Watery eyes can cause difficulty in application of makeup.



2. Say NO to Liquid Eyeliners

Liquid eyeliners often fall into the eyes and cause irritation. Always use a waterproof eye pencil to do the task.



3. Dark Lines

Use your pencil to stretch the waterline a bit and draw a dark line on your lower waterline. Repeat the same step for your upper waterline.



4. Pat-Pat!

Once you’ve applied the liner on both your waterlines, grab some matching  eyeshadow and pat it on your lower waterline. It’ll give an extra edge to your waterline.


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