7 Beauty Hacks That’ll Rock Your World!

It’s a fact that no matter how updated you seem to keep yourself with the latest fashion trends or latest makeup trends, there’s always something you’re missing out on. Like really, there’s always something new coming up practically every second, and it’s all too sudden to grab and grasp. It’s like a swish of wind which comes and goes before you know it. Same is the case with makeup hacks. There’s always more to hacks than we expect. The number of makeup hacks currently on the internet is really overwhelming. But we won’t let you wander off just like that, incase you miss out on the good ones. Which is why, we’ve compiled all the good ones for you here! Check these out:


1. Teasing Comb

You don’t have to have a teasing comb to tease your hair when you can get the same results with a tooth brush! Use a toothbrush to brush your roots and you’ll get the same results!



2. How to clean your makeup brushes!

Tired of getting new brushes every now and then just because your old ones are really dirty and you don’t want to put in all the extra efforts to clean them? Don’t worry. Here’s an easy way out. Clean them with some baby foam and you’ll be surprised at how clean they get.



3. Paint Brushes

You don’t have to have makeup brushes to get your makeup done. Paint brushes are an easy and cheap alternative to them.



4. Mascara + Eyeliner!

Mascara is not just for your eye lashes. You can also use it as an eyeliner. Just dip in a thin brush in the mascara and use it as an eyeliner.



5. Blusher + Eyeshadow

Blusher too, just like mascara, can be used as an eye shadow. It has dual purpose and for some unknown reason, we’re loving this.



6. DIY Hairspray

Yes, you can now make your own hairspray. Just grab 1 cup of water, 1 tablespoon of sea salt, and 1 tablespoon of conditioner and mix them well. Then put them in a spray bottle and your hairspray is ready!



7. Lipstick+Highlighter

Lipstick is also in our list of dual uses. You can use it as a highlighter too. Just apply some lipstick on your fingertips and apply them on your cheeks as a highlighter! Easy peasy!


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