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#DIY-Here’s How You Can Get Mindblowing Lashes in 10 Easy Steps

Big curly eyelashes are every girl’s dream! We so wish we were born with a set of thick long lashes, but much to our dismay, we aren’t. We always try different methods to make their lashes appear longer and thicker, and for that, we’ve almost tried every trick in the book!

Used false lashes-check!

Used different types of mascaras-check!

But what you haven’t done ladies, is tried these 10 ways, which will give you amazingly long eyelashes INSTANTLY!!

  1. Try this amazing routine and get thick and long lashes INSTANTLY!



2. Heat the lash-curler

Pro Tip: in order to make your curler work more effectively, heat it. But before using it, make sure it has cooled down.


3. Use the lash curler more efficiently.

Yes,  instead of using the lash curler in the traditional way, rotate it upside down and use it from the upper lash to add more intensity to you lashes.



4. Use Baby Powder!

It might sound absurd at first, but baby powder is a great cosmetic tool. Dust a coat of baby powder using a makeup brush between 2 coats of mascara and you’ll be able to feel the pump in your eyelashes!


5. Grab a spoon!

The application of mascara is a really tedious task, especially on the lower lash. Grab a spoon and hold it under the lower lash to avoid any smudges.


6.Go natural!

These days, makeup is all about keeping your look as natural as possible. To nail the natural look, apply mascara vertically. This will add thickness to your lashes and give it a voluminous look.


7. Coat both sides.

To thicken your lashes, apply a generous amount of mascara on both sides of the lashes. Trust me, it always does the trick!


8. To keep the curls of a longer duration.

The lashes seem to lose their curls after some time. In order to keep the curls, apply a thick coat at the base of the lashes and lighter coats towards the outer ends.


9. To make the mascara last longer.

Mascara tends to wear out after some time. To avoid that, apply the first coat with a regular mascara and then do a second coat with waterproof mascara.


10. To use it more efficiently.

To make the application of mascara easier, bend the wand a bit. This will help you with the even application of mascara.



That’s all!


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