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Do You Know Which Shape Of Eyebrows Should Go With Your Face Cut? Find Out NOW!

The most important part of grooming for women is maintaining a nice eyebrow. It may appear to be quite trivial a thing, but most of you will know that a well groomed eyebrow can just lift your entire appearance. But the problem that most women face these days is, that they don’t understand that different types of face cuts should have different shapes of eyebrows. Worry not ladies, you needn’t bug the parlor lady for that. Here’s a manual where you can find the perfect shape for your face cut!


Square Face

People with square faces should keep in mind that their brows should neither be too angular nor too round.



Round Face

People with round faces lack definition. Which is why, you should go for very angular eyebrows. It adds definition to your face.



Long Face

People with long faces have features that are vertically stretched out. Which is why, it’s important that the eyebrows neutralise the look. People with round faces should go with extended eyebrows.



Heart-Shaped Face

The bushy brow trend is going big by the day. But for people having a heart shaped face should kiss this trend goodbye. You are blessed with a petite jawline, which is why you should always maintain a well groomed eyebrow ALWAYS. But then again, a thin brow is not good either. Find a balanced eyebrow to neutralise the look.



Oval Shaped Face

People with an oval face should always maintain a slightly arched eyebrow. Keep in mind that the eyebrows should be thick from the beginning and slightly thin towards the ending.



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