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7 Brilliant Concealer Hacks That’ll Work Wonders For You

We’ve all had those bad days when we’re heading to a party later in the evening and out of nowhere-we get a pimple! That is when concealers come to our rescue. But do we really know how to make the best use of concealers? Concealers have so much more to offer than just hide dark circles. Want to know? See for yourself-

  1. Foundation first!

There is a chronology in makeup too! Which is why you must use a foundation before applying concealer. This will help you with the proper application of the concealer without letting the makeup giving you a cakey effect. Also, the makeup lasts longer this way!



2. Go the triangle way!

The best way to apply a concealer is by drawing a triangle with the base of your eye and the tip pointing towards your cheek. This will properly hide the blemishes and give a lift to your face.



3. Pimple problem? Concealer to the rescue!

Pimple emergency? Worry not! Grab a green concealer and dab a pimple with it. Then cover it with a concealer matching your skin tone. The green concealer covers the redness and hides any signs of a pimple.



4. No Concealer? Make one!

In case you’re running out of concealer, don’t worry. Apply small dots of liquid foundation and let them set. Then use a blender to blend it properly.



5. Brighten up your eyes!

Grab a concealer that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone and apply it to the three major sections of your eyes- the inner ‘V’, the middle section of the eyelid, and the area just under the brow bone. It gives a very fresh and natural look to your eyes.



6. Orange and Peach make dark circles go away!

Dab a bit of orange and peach colored concealers under your eyes and rub in circular motions with your ring finger. They work miracles for dark circles.



7. Know your concealer!

It’s very important that you know what type of concealer does what. There are a variety of concealers that work differently.



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