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Hair And Makeup Hacks That’ll Get You Sorted!

Life is busy! Whether you’re studying, working or are just a plain housewife, life is really busy for everybody. In this busy life, we neglect our personal grooming and beauty care a lot. Which is why, we’ve exclusively got you these hacks which won’t take up much time, but the results are extremely promising! Take a look:


1. Thicker Hair? Use Eyeshadow!

Pick an eyeshadow of the same colour as your hair and dust it on your hair. It’ll make them look thicker and voluminous.



2. Hair Streaks

Use a toothbrush to color your hair. It’ll reduce the mess and the results will be neat.



3. Scotch Tape for Eyeliners

Use a scotch tape to get the perfect wing!



4. Hairspray with toothbrush!

Using toothbrush to spray your hair with hairspray gives it a more groomed look.



5. Blackheads? Get a Glue!

Take some glue and spread it over your nose to dry. Once it has dried, peel it off. It’ll remove all the blackheads and whiteheads.



6. Cleaner Hairbrush.

For a cleaner hairbrush, grab some tissue and place it on the bed of the brush. Once you’re done brushing, pull out the tissue. It’ll bring all the tangled hair out as well!


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