Here’s How You Can Apply The Glitter Eyeshadow!

Glitter Eye shadows are SO in these days. They’re super glamorous and super sexy and it’s perfectly understandable why the world is going gaga over this new makeup technique! But the major problem is that not everybody understands the correct way of applying it. Also, if done wrong, it can go miserably bad and can end up making you look like your face is covered in glitter!

Which is why, we’ve got you the simplest ways to apply a glitter eyeliner!


1. Prep Your Face And Eyelids.

Clean your face and eyelids properly before starting your makeup. Just keep in mind not to moisturize the eye area.



2. Select the Right Primer

Picking a good primer is necessary as it fixes the makeup in it’s place. Choose a good adhesive or a primer. It’ll help loose the oil so that your glitter doesn’t fall off.



3. Create an Eyeshadow Base

Choose a good eye shadow and create a base. Make sure it matches your makeup and skin.



4. Prep Your Brush

Dip your eyeshadow brush gently into water. Keep a cloth ready under your eyes. Then, with the other hand, gently coat your brush with glitter and apply over the eyelid. The tip will loose a lot of glitter so keep a tissue handy.



5. Wipe Off the Loose Glitter

Once you’re done, clean the area under your eyes off the excess glitter and you’re done! You can now proceed with the other makeup.


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