Here’s How You Should Do Your Makeup For An Elite Party!

The festive season is here and its here to stay! Which means, the following month will be FULL of parties. There’s lots of shopping to be done, lots of shoes to buy, lots of dresses to try. But ladies, keep in mind, that it’s not always about your shoes and clothes. I mean they do play a major role in your overall appearance, but makeup has the power to make it or break it. Which is why, we’re going to tell you how to do your makeup for a real fancy party!


1. Prep your face!

It’s really important that you prepare your face before makeup. Wash and cleanse your face well, leave no scope for dirt or oil.



2. Moisturize your face well.

It’s essential that your face is well moisturized.Try some oil free moisturizers.



3. Primer Time!

Apply some primer so that your makeup lasts longer and application is smooth.



4. Foundation First!

After your primer has dried out, apply some foundation and blend it well. Go with a foundation which suits your skin tone.



5. Conceal with Concealer

Use a good concealer to conceal all your blemishes and dark spots. Choose a concealer of your skin tone.



6. Powder-Powder!

Use face powder to set your makeup. It prevents oil from seeping into your makeup and is something you should always have handy.



7. Try a Bronzer!

If you want to nail the radiant and tan look, bronzer is just the tool for you. However, keep in mind to select a bronzer that is atleast two shades darker than your skin tone.




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