How To Do The Reverse Winged Eyeliner The Right Way!

Girls LOVE to experiment! Be it clothes or new fashion trends, there’s always something new happening in the industry. However, the title of the most experimental department is always with the makeup department. There’s always something happening there. Even if the trends might seem a bit wacky at first, people still come around to it. One of these trends is the Reverse Winged Eyeliner. It’s the chicest thing right now and you just HAVE to try it. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Base First!

Use a primer on the base of your eyelid. Apply a neutral base, it could either be a primer or a concealer or a foundation.



2. Apply a Bronzer 

Using a brush, apply a bronzer.



3. Use your eyeliner and stroke your upper lashes.



4. Using a brush or a thin liner pencil, start filling the inner eyelid.



5. Fill in the inner lid of the upper lash as well!


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