How To Make Your Face Look Slimmer Using Contour.

Women just want to look good these days. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Speaking of looking good, slim faces are a huge trend. No offence to ladies who don’t have slim faces, but slim faces are so pretty! So ladies, if you want a slim face too, contour is your best friend! Here’s how you can do it-


1. Primer

Prep your face by applying primer all over your face. It’ll act as a base that’ll make your makeup smoother and last longer.



2. BB Cream

Next, apply BB Cream to help lighten the  discolouration, dark spots and acne scars and even out the skin tone.



3. Highlighter

Take a highlighter one shade lighter than your skin tone and apply all over your cheeks, T-zone, under the eyes and chin.



4. Foundation

Blend a foundation that’s two to three shades darker than your skin tone and apply all over the forehead, sides of the nose, the cheekbones, and the jawline.



5. Go Simple!

Keep your look simple and coordinate your makeup with your outfit and occasion well.


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