Nail Art Hacks You Wish You’d Read Sooner!

For a really long time, nail art was thought of as something teenage girls would do in their free time, but over the past few years, it has established itself as a really important part of the overall beauty regime. When a few sensational nail art designs came our way, that is when the fashion industry started taking this form of art seriously, and ever since then, there hasn’t been any turning back. When this trend first came into existence, people would rush to professionals even for the simplest of designs. But over the years, it has evolved and people have become more aware of it. But we bet you wouldn’t have heard of the hacks we’re about to tell you. They’ll not only save you a lot of money, but will also help you take better care of your cuticles. Scroll down to know-


1. Cute and Simple

Now, there are many intricate and complicated nail art designs available these days. But we recommend you go with the simpler ones. Afterall, simple is classy, and it’s better to have simple designs on your nails than to try intricate designs and make a mess out of your cuticles, right?



2. No remover? Don’t worry

Now this is one problem we all face- running out of your nail paint remover. The solution is really simple. Grab some clear paint and apply it on your nails. And while it’s still wet, rub off your nails and you’ll notice your base coat has also come off.



3. Spilled nail paint on the floor? Here’s what you can do-

This is another one of the most commonly faced problems by women all over the globe. Whenever we spill nail paint on the floor, it’s always followed by some drama. Not only do we lament over the loss of a beautiful color, but also over the stain it’s going to leave. But guess what, sprinkle some sugar on the spilled nail paint and watch it clump and come off just like that! You can still cry over the loss of the paint though!



4. To give that extra shine to your neon nailpaint!

Heading to a girls night out and sporting neon nails? This is the hack for you. You’d notice that neon paints too get dull after application. Well, here’s how you can add the extra brightness to it. Put a base coat of white nail paint and then put on the neon nail paint and watch your nails glow!



5. Trouble Painting Nails?

Okay, admit it, even after this long, you still manage to get some paint on your fingers. Well, not any more! Apply some glue on the area near your nails. Now you can paint your nails without a care and once you’re done, just peel off the glue. Voila! Perfect nails!



6. Quick Dry Your Nail Paint

If you too are an office going woman, and have no time for your nail paint to dry, don’t worry! After applying nail paint on your nails, just immerse your hands in icy cold water. This will dry your nails in no time!


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