6 Nail Mistakes You HAVE To Stop Right away!

Maybe, just maybe, our nails are more delicate than we treat them as. And just maybe, you should stop doing those hideous hacks you’ve seen on pinterest and save  your nails the damage. No matter how pro you think you are, you’re definitely doing some major nail mistakes and we can’t help but warn you about it. Here are some mistakes you should stop doing right now to keep your nails prim and proper!


1. Don’t Peel Off Your Gel Based Nail Paint

When you peel off the gel based polish, you also peel off the thin layer of nail on your nail bed. Instead of peeling it off, soak your nails in a bowl of acetone to loosen the gel, post which you can wipe it off very easily!





NEVER CUT THE HANGNAILS! If not done properly, they can cause more hangnails to grow, and is an extremely tiresome and painful process. Instead, apply a cuticle removing formula and let them go off easily.



3. Stop getting water based manicures

Beauty experts suggest that instead of getting a water-based manicure, go for an oil-based manicure.




4. Don’t use nail paint remover in your nail paint to thin it out!

Doing this makes the paint chip quickly and also dilutes the pigment.



5. Don’t Opt For Acrylics

Acrylic nails are bad for you. They’re bad for you nail health and makes your nail beds rough. Instead, opt for press on nails.




6. Stop Sawing Your Nails!

Sawing your nails instead of filing them. It’s almost similar to using scissors for your nails. Use one smooth motion and then fling!


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