The Dream Just Came True- You Can Now Spray Paint Your Nails!

Oh my gosh! I can’t even begin to describe how badly i’m  hyperventilating while telling you all of this glorious discovery. Now girls, lets face it, no matter how much we pretend to love painting our nails, it’s always a terrible pain. The paint will keep going out of the nail bed, the nail art’s a mess because the base coat is not even, the cuticles are dirty because of the thick coat of the nail paint and so on… The list is never ending! But what’s ending real soon, is all the troubles we face while applying nail paint. Yes, you can now spray paint your nails! *Squeals!!* Read on to know how to use it-


1. Base Coat

Start off by applying a primer from a reliable brand. It’s important because it’ll give your nail paint a smooth and leveled surface to set, and will also make it last longer. Cover your nails completely and make sure not to leave any part of the nail unattended.



2. Get Set Paint!

Once you’ve covered your nails with the primer, allow it to dry. One it has dried, grab your spray bottle and give it a good shake and apply it directly on your nails.



3. Top Coat!

Let the sprayed nail paint set, and in the mean time, grab your primer and paint it all over your nails as a top coat. It’ll give a matte and shiny look to your nails.



4. Wash  it off!

Wash off your hands after letting the base coat dry. Scrape off all the excess nail paint from your fingers and you’re good to go!


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