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5 Amazing Lazy Girl’s Guide To Killer Beauty Hacks

Who doesn’t want to look good in the mornings! But nobody really wants to give up 30 minutes of their sleep to get a head start on their makeup and beauty treatment. Makeup or 30 minutes of extra sleep- It’s a real tough choice to make. But don’t worry girls, we won’t make you choose. Here’s our personal Lazy Girl’s Guide to killer beauty hacks. Go check ’em out!


  1. Use Vaseline before Perfume

Apply a coat of Vaseline before applying perfume for the perfume to last longer. It’s a boon for those days when you just don’t want to bathe!



2. Use Coffee Filter to blot.

For girls with oily skin, oil blotters are a boon. But in case you’re running out of oil blotters and are having some serious oil issues, just reach out for the cupboard and grab a coffee filter. It’s a very good alternative for oil blotters.



3. Treat chapped lips with a mascara wand!

Chapped lips with dead skins are any girl’s worst nightmares. It just spoils the overall look of your face. But don’t worry girls, we got your back! Exfoliate chapped lips using an old mascara wand. They’ll help you smooth your lips.



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