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These 10 Fashion Hacks Will Help You Throughout Your Life!

Everyday, we face about 10 problems which disturb our entire schedule. For example, imagine you’re running late for a meeting, and notice that you’ve got a loose button! What do you do? Well, of course, sit down and waste another 10 minutes stitching that button and losing your preparation time. Well, not any more! Now that we’ve got you backs, you won’t have to face these fashion issues alone! We bring to you, some super exclusive fashion hacks we bet you’ve never been told before. Take a look-


1. Got a pantyhose run? We’ve got the fix!


2. Get rid of those stains with a dryer sheet!


3. Are you wearing a wrong size bra? Check here!


4. Got a loose button? Here’s the fix…


5. Got those tiny wrinkles and don’t have the time to iron? Grab a straightener!



6. Here’s how you can make the bra-band disappear from a backless dress!



7. Got a bra-bulge?



8. Static cling? Get a hairspray!


9. Don’t have a measuring tool? Measure your waist with your hands!


10. Got a sudden mark on your top? Get a baby wipe!

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