These Lipstick Hacks Are Here To Change Your Life!

Who doesn’t love lipsticks? I mean hello? They’re practically our soulmates. Lipsticks alone have the capability to lift a girl’s mood without doing any efforts at all. Diamond may be a girl’s best friend, but lipsticks are definitely the soulmate. But the thing about lipsticks is, not everybody knows how to use them well. I mean we sure know to grab those little cuties and smear them on our lips, but is that all to it? Is that all there’s to know about lipsticks? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, grab a notebook get yourselves some water and sit tight, cause honey, you have some serious learning to do. Here’s a list of few hacks that’ll change your life! Check them out-

1. Lipstick on the teeth? No worries!

This is probably the most common problem women all over the world face. Sometimes, we apply lipsticks a bit too much, only to have them stain our teeth. This is probably the most embarrassing thing  a woman can ever go through. having someone point out that there’s lipstick on your teeth. But don’t worry girlies,bid those embarrassing moments adieu! Here’s how you can prevent that from happening.



2. Making Lipstick Stay Longer!

The bad thing about lipsticks is that they tend to wear out really quickly. And there’s nothing really we can do about them-or so you thought. Here’s how you can get lipsticks to stay for longer periods.



3. Cupid’s Bow Lips

We bet you’ve tried to get these some time or the other. You must’ve searched the internet like crazy to somehow get one of these, but don’t worry girls, here’s how you can get them without any surgery!



4. 3-D Lips

You really thought this trend was for the privileged one’s like the Kardarshian sisters, didn’t you? Well, guess what? You can do it too, and without any surgery!! Here’s how-



5. Matte Lips

Whoever said the matte lips look can only be achieved through matte lipsticks, was extremely wrong! We know matte lipsticks burn a huge hole in our pockets, but now, with us having your back, you too can get a matte look with your regular lipstick! Here’s how-



5. Fuller Lips

If you too are jealous of Kylie Jenner’s immaculate and voluminous lips and want similar lips, you needn’t spend lakhs on lip surgeries. All you need is to get some makeup equipment and here’s what you have to do-





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