THIS is the correct way to wipe off your makeup

We’ve been going on and on about how you should wear makeup correctly and have constantly been giving you hacks and ways to make your makeup experience super fun and easy. But now, we’re going to address possibly the biggest thing you should know about makeup- How to remove it. It is advised that you should go to bed after removing makeup thoroughly from you skin to ensure and maintain a healthy and glowing skin. It is a very important task and must be carried out at all costs.

A fully-fledged makeup routine involves the usage of a lot of products. Makeup consists of several layers. And just like the application of these layers, one should know how to remove them as well. We have compiled for you, a step by step tutorial to remove makeup. Take a look-


1. Eye makeup

For a heavy eye makeup, oil based cleansers work best. It dissolves the waterproof makeup easily so as to eliminate the need of rigorous scrubbing and scratching. If you have put on light eye makeup and have an ultra sensitive skin, then water is the best option for you! The best way to use it, is to keep holding the piece of wipe above your eyes and watch it dissolve the makeup. But remember, DO NOT SCRUB!



2. Blush and Foundation

Apply a little amount of the daily cleanser and massage it well onto your skin. Then use a wet cloth, a wipe or a cotton ball to wipe off the foundation and blush gently. If you still feel there’s makeup on your face,t hen apply some cold cream and let it rest for some time. Then wipe it off with the help with a warm wash cloth.



3. Lip Color

Apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly over your lips with your fingers and let it rest for about five to six minutes. The jelly will dissolve the lip color to its oil and at the same time will moisturize your lip. After this remove the cotton pad from your lips, wiping the petroleum jelly. For the final touch exfoliate your lips to ensure no more lip color is remaining over your lips.


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