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This Is What The Shape Of Your Lips Has To Say About Your Personality!

Girls, take it from me, we only thought that the shades of lipsticks women wear make them easier to read, but all the time we were buying that, we were totally underestimating the power of the shape of lips. Yes, the shape of a persons lips can tell dozens about their personality. Don’t believe me? Read for yourselves!


1. Large and Puffy Lips

If somebody’s lips are naturally large and puffy, they’re extremely caring and loving. Such people spend most of their time volunteering around their locality, and playing with animals when they’re young. Such people have inbuilt maternal instincts and a strong desire to protect others.



2. Large Upper Lips And Smaller Bottom Lip

People who have such lips are generally drama queens! They’re charismatic, emotional and simply love life! They’ye extremely confident and love being the center of attention. Also, they crack some seriously good jokes.



3. Large Lower Lip And Smaller Upper Lip

People who have such lips are extremely adventurous! Desks jobs are so not for them. They know how to have fun, and crave an energetic lifestyle, new friends, new places to go, and thrilling experiences. Curious, Sociable and adventurous describes them perfectly!



4. Equal Lips

People who have equal lips are generally very balanced and have a great common sense. They’re great listeners and are very respectful towards others. Also, they take criticism with dignity. The glass is always half full for them, and they don’t waste much time dwelling on anger.



5. Thin Lips

Okay, people who have thin lips are generally loners. But on the brighter side, they’re self dependent and can take care of their own problems. And despite of the fact that they love being alone, when around people they love, such people feel perfectly at home.



6. Upper lip with a sharp philtrum

Such people are extremely creative and often end up being artists  and musicians. They have an excellent memory of faces and names, are extremely social, and always end up getting their work donein the best way possible.



7. Upper lip with a round philtrum

Such people are full of compassion and kindness for others. They’re very sensitive and tend to get really upset when something negative happens around them. They always find time to help others out.



8. Lips without a philtrum

People with such lips are one of the most responsible, reliable and trustworthy people you’ll ever come across. They’re very goal oriented and nothing’s impossible for them. They’re timely and very efficient and have solutions to almost any problem on the earth.



9. Small and puffy lips

If you get a natural pout, boy, are you mischievous! Such people focus mainly on their own comfort, and may come off as selfish, but are really compassionate and selfless to those they love. Things work out really well for them because they’re constantly assessing and analyzing their life and feelings. And if need be, they’ll be there for a friend at an instant.



10. A Thin Upper Lip

People with such lips have some great leadership qualities. They’re extremely persuasive and are very firm about their opinion. They have an aura of strong and positive energy. They’re successful in all ventures of life. except for their romantic relationships. Their goal in life is to be someone, not to be with someone.


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